Threads of reality
Intricately woven
Into a comforting blanket
Of illusions

Voices muffled all life
Blinded and choked
To our last twitch

The only fragment of reality
Spared for us to see



#poetry Let me talk!

Why won’t you let me talk?

Why won’t you let me speak?

Why won’t you let me sing?

Why do you know everything

I am about to say?

Why do you build a wall

Round your mind, when

I try to talk to you?

Why do you think you know me

When you have bare scratched the surface

Of the depth of my soul

You never listen

A stubborn being you are

You never empty your busy mind

To listen to me. If so,

Why do you need me

And my mind,

When you have everything

Inside yours?

#poetry Darkness


I will cut through

Your walls of blind rage

Shields protecting your lies

Safes hiding your dark secrets

The camouflage of your treason

Tears of false grief

Smiles with ulterior smirks

I will cut through you

I will make you bow before me

I shall tell the world!

Speak of your horrific deeds

Reveal your true evil self

Fear me, darkness

For I’m your greatest

Most ruthless enemy

I am hope, love and forgiveness

And I embrace you


#poetry That Tree

I took this picture on a road trip. I’ll be honest, it’s not a great picture, it’s not something special either. It’s just a tree. But looking at it through my car’s shut window made me a tad bit sad, made me wonder. And this is what I thought…

I see you, you mighty one

Through a glass wall, a pity

As I see myself, my reflection

In glass and in you, mighty one

Aren’t we the same? Don’t you think?

Innocent, growing, blooming

Learning the ways of the ever changing world

Ever so shy, ever so quiet

Opening wide our arms, our coloured fingers

Feeling the breeze touch and soothe our skin

Gazing intently at the blue skies

Demanding hope, demanding life, gently though

For we are humble, mighty one

We do not know how to order, to rule

All we know is to live silently

To suffer silently, and then to smile silently

For we know now noise is poison

And the world is full of it !

A moment of silence is what we need

To slow down, to fall in love again

To regain courage, to find ourselves.

As I look at you, mighty one

I pray, that you grow mightier still

I pray, that you find friends, just like you

To look after your kind, pure heart

I pray, that you live and grow old

And whisper stories to your children,

Perhaps, and I do hope

Better stories of my children.


Let me know how I can improve my writing. Let me know if this touched you. Let me know if you ever felt the same. And also, if you didn’t understand some parts in it, I’ll explain my perspective to you.

Peace and love.

#poetry LET ME LIVE

I sit down on my bed

Tired, exhausted, burnt

It was a busy day in here, my head.

I do nothing, all day, all night

Nothing at dawn, nothing at twilight

Just sit back, pondering

Lie down endlessly thinking

Why am i only floating?

In the slow, grey river of my life

Stagnant, still, lifeless

I only drift by, purposelessly.

If only I were a brook, zealous

I’d be gushing with excitement, over pebbles

Not stressing over my troubles.

If only I were full of life

I’d be lighting bulbs of ideas

I’d be weaving a dream

I’d be travelling a new path.

If only I knew

What I wanted to be

Where I wanted to go

My eyes would sparkle, glint

Not be dull, aching, too heavy to blink

With the burden of seeing myself

Waste this life away, this precious time away.

I would feel alive, I would feel my lungs breathe

I would feel my lips smile, I would giggle

I would make a difference to the world

Plant a few trees, feed a few animals

Ooze love, kindness, my own kind of sunshine.

If only I could,

If only I could.

What stops me I wonder, I ponder even more

In my already busy, trafficked head

From breaking my own inhibitions 

From getting out the door, out into the world.

What is this aggression, frustration

Pointless irritation, agitation?

Is this depression? That dreaded monster!

Is it? I need to get away from it

But I feel ashamed, trying to run away,

From that monster, for I need courage to fight it

Courage to face it, my fear, my grief

It is a battle I must fight alone, I know

Because it would, and it could help me

Cast me away from shadows, towards light

I need some strength, some valour

Some care, some love, some help from you

You need to be patient, I will survive

You need to hold my hand,

And then let it go, as I fly, free and high

Because I’m sure I will, someday, soon.

For I’ve heard

A fearless dream and a little hope is all you need

To live this beautiful journey called life.