#poetry Haiku #2

” I foolishly dreamt

Of stars lighting up our paths

Not headlights, not lamps “

I clicked this picture on my way back home one night. It was a pretty sight to the eyes, really.

But I couldn’t help thinking, how wonderful it would be if it were stars lighting up the dark nights and our roads, our paths, and not bulbs, lamps or headlights. Also, that we often forget how extraordinary nature could be and get caught up in our hectic schedules and routines.

So take a moment, take a break, switch some lights off, go for a walk, look around you, and above too. 

What you find may change your outlook towards life, or realistically speaking, may give you a new idea, or even bring back memories, or just simply make you smile. And we know how tough that is with all our first world problems, pfft.

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