A slice of white bread

Half a teaspoon of butter spread

Four dried tomato slices

Three shrivelled cucumber slices

A dab of green chutney 

Made of coriander and mint

Topped with a  slice of white bread

And very, very few cheese shreds

Now that’s a sandwich

That never made anybody drool

Knowing this

I walk at a slow pace, reluctant

Collect my food

From that dirty little counter

How in the world could this blunder

Ever satiate my humongous hunger?

I squeeze some pungent ketchup

Onto my plate 

A poor compensation for

My evening snack’s bland taste

After gobbling it down grudgingly

I left the place hastily

Laying on my bed that night

I dreamt of pizzas and mozzarella

Burgers and fries

Only to wake up and still wonder

Can anything cooked here

By that master chef

Ever satisfy my poor hunger?


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