#poetry You

Like a mother, to a child

Like breeze, to a fire

Like water, to a seed

You blow life into my every breath.


As the mighty star, to the rocks

You are the Sun of my dawning life.

You soothe my wounds

Heal, some rather deep, scarred

You sense my weaknesses

You strengthen my strengths.


As an angel sent from the heavens

You grace my life with your shine.

I nevertheless wonder wildly, if you are

A kind angel, or Him

For I see Him in you, and

You in Him.


Like a lost child finds his father

I cry tears of joy

For I found you, and you found me, my life.

Graciously, you bestow love upon me

With a glint in your beautiful eyes

You so often tease me, tantalizingly

And flash that huge satisfied grin!


How could I ignore that smile,

It blows life into me.

That face, full of innocence

Of intelligence, wit

Of mischief, pride

Of empathy and love

Calls to me, and how!


As those brown eyes turn hazel in the Sun

Your gaze, captivating, pure 

Melts my heart, gives me life.

You make me radiate life, as

I feel you around me-

That touch, your cool breath on my face

Your warm hand in mine, and

Your strong arms embracing me.

Just how!

How should I not miss your surreal presence that adds rainbows to my grey sky?

Now I know, it is this

That frightens me

Making me ask you a thousand times

In my mind, however,

Will you bring a storm, light up my life and then bid farewell?

Or will you be there, patiently waiting for me to bloom, and then walk beside me,



Who hath seen the future, they say

I say lets make one,

Me and my life, my love, you

For as long as

Our own little forever.