#poetry That Tree

I took this picture on a road trip. I’ll be honest, it’s not a great picture, it’s not something special either. It’s just a tree. But looking at it through my car’s shut window made me a tad bit sad, made me wonder. And this is what I thought…

I see you, you mighty one

Through a glass wall, a pity

As I see myself, my reflection

In glass and in you, mighty one

Aren’t we the same? Don’t you think?

Innocent, growing, blooming

Learning the ways of the ever changing world

Ever so shy, ever so quiet

Opening wide our arms, our coloured fingers

Feeling the breeze touch and soothe our skin

Gazing intently at the blue skies

Demanding hope, demanding life, gently though

For we are humble, mighty one

We do not know how to order, to rule

All we know is to live silently

To suffer silently, and then to smile silently

For we know now noise is poison

And the world is full of it !

A moment of silence is what we need

To slow down, to fall in love again

To regain courage, to find ourselves.

As I look at you, mighty one

I pray, that you grow mightier still

I pray, that you find friends, just like you

To look after your kind, pure heart

I pray, that you live and grow old

And whisper stories to your children,

Perhaps, and I do hope

Better stories of my children.


Let me know how I can improve my writing. Let me know if this touched you. Let me know if you ever felt the same. And also, if you didn’t understand some parts in it, I’ll explain my perspective to you.

Peace and love.


#poetry Haiku #2

” I foolishly dreamt

Of stars lighting up our paths

Not headlights, not lamps “

I clicked this picture on my way back home one night. It was a pretty sight to the eyes, really.

But I couldn’t help thinking, how wonderful it would be if it were stars lighting up the dark nights and our roads, our paths, and not bulbs, lamps or headlights. Also, that we often forget how extraordinary nature could be and get caught up in our hectic schedules and routines.

So take a moment, take a break, switch some lights off, go for a walk, look around you, and above too. 

What you find may change your outlook towards life, or realistically speaking, may give you a new idea, or even bring back memories, or just simply make you smile. And we know how tough that is with all our first world problems, pfft.

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#poetry You

Like a mother, to a child

Like breeze, to a fire

Like water, to a seed

You blow life into my every breath.


As the mighty star, to the rocks

You are the Sun of my dawning life.

You soothe my wounds

Heal, some rather deep, scarred

You sense my weaknesses

You strengthen my strengths.


As an angel sent from the heavens

You grace my life with your shine.

I nevertheless wonder wildly, if you are

A kind angel, or Him

For I see Him in you, and

You in Him.


Like a lost child finds his father

I cry tears of joy

For I found you, and you found me, my life.

Graciously, you bestow love upon me

With a glint in your beautiful eyes

You so often tease me, tantalizingly

And flash that huge satisfied grin!


How could I ignore that smile,

It blows life into me.

That face, full of innocence

Of intelligence, wit

Of mischief, pride

Of empathy and love

Calls to me, and how!


As those brown eyes turn hazel in the Sun

Your gaze, captivating, pure 

Melts my heart, gives me life.

You make me radiate life, as

I feel you around me-

That touch, your cool breath on my face

Your warm hand in mine, and

Your strong arms embracing me.

Just how!

How should I not miss your surreal presence that adds rainbows to my grey sky?

Now I know, it is this

That frightens me

Making me ask you a thousand times

In my mind, however,

Will you bring a storm, light up my life and then bid farewell?

Or will you be there, patiently waiting for me to bloom, and then walk beside me,



Who hath seen the future, they say

I say lets make one,

Me and my life, my love, you

For as long as

Our own little forever.


Female Infanticide? It’s murder

She leapt in my arms 
Eyes gleaming with amazement 
I knew she couldn’t see the world, yet 
She felt me, she heard me, took in the fragrance of flowers 
And she yearned to learn more 
Such a beautiful blessing, a boon! 
My daughter is, I thought 
My eyes welling up with drops of love 
It was immense happiness I felt, I couldn’t contain 
Joy so bright, my angel seemed to shine in light 
And then I realised, it was the sun 
Scorning over me, bringing memories of yesterday’s sin 
A sin, or a murder? Of my unborn daughter 
That I had committed loyally fulfilling my duties 
Duties that destroyed me, my existance 
Never a day passes by, as I regret 
Dwelling and breathing in a house full of demons 
Demons who shall adorn themselves in saffron and garlands, 
Yet take an innocent life within me? 
And I laugh bitterly, the beautiful face of my daughter before me 
Thinking, one day there shall be no woman 
To care, to pour kindness 
To shed tears…and to give life 
Will they realise then, how cruel and inhuman they were? 
But there would be no one to forgive them 
They shall face wrath in the Underworld 
While my daughter, my child awaits me in the blissful Heaven…

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